(Amazona aestiva xanthopteryx)
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Hen on left is 8 years old
Male on right is 28 years plus


 Their daughter appeared in
Aves International's 2002 calendar.

See her photos taken in 2000
and again in 2003.

Extreme Magna Double Yellow Headed Amazons

I started keeping Double Yellows in 1970 .
In 1976 acquired the magnificant male on the right at a local pet shop.
He had been someone's pet of unknown age. I have since bred many offspring
from him with several different hens. He's now with his granddaughter and
produces chicks of magnificant color and disposition. Why Extreme? Many people
say they have Magnas. But very few have birds as extremely yellow as these.
This is a patterned yellow and not random color which could occur for many
reasons. Some people have one colorful bird and pair it to the less colorful
oratrix. Other birds could be a naturally occuring blend between the two
and never get this extensive pattern of yellow. On the average these birds
acquire large amounts of yellow in the first few years.



 I'm looking for other birds like this. If you have one or are interested in trading, please send photos and information. I will trade a young hen for a male of appropriate color.

new male, Monty, shown on right; 4-year old female on the left


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