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photo by Gail J. Worth

This is a photo taken in the year 2000 for the
Aves International 2002 Baby Bird Calendar.
The bird on the left is a female Extreme Magna Double Yellow-Headed Amazon
and the bird on the right is a male Tres Maria Amazon.
Both birds are about six months of age in this photo.

photo by Gail J. Worth

 Here is another view of the two 2000 hatch youngsters at about
six months of age. The Magna is on the left; the Tres Maria is on the right.

 Here are the same two birds in January 2003, a little more than two years
after the photos shown above were taken.

The Magna is on the left;
the Tres Maria is on the right.

Notice the lack on heavy barring on
the chest of the Tres Maria Amazon
and the blushish coloration of the
green plumage.

These birds will become even
more beautiful over time!


See the parents of the Magna
Double Yellow-Headed Amazon.


article on Tres Maria Amazons

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