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Ruppell's Parrot
(Poicephalus rueppellii)

We offer a few beautiful and rare Ruppell's Parrots.

mature hen Ruppell's Parrot

A pair right before egg laying

2 year old male

Hen in nest box on eggs showing the distinctive blue coloration.
The only other bird species I've ever seen with a similar shade
of blue is the Vulturine Guinea fowl, which is also from Africa.



Above see a mature pair in courtship display. See how they use their bright yellow wing epaulets and notice the bright red eyes of mature birds. The male is on the right; female is on the left.

We started with six unrelated pairs and the combinations of breeding from them.
We have now bred our 3rd generation of Ruppell's Parrots!

I kept a beautiful hen Ruppell's in the house as a pet for years. She was very quiet and only muttered a few words and whistled shoftly. She loved men and you could do anything with her.
This is a species in which the males seem to talk better than hens. Most of my males set up for breeding imitate sparrows, mocking birds, and me.

Ruppell's Parrots are $1800.00 per pair
We will consider trades for other unusual bird species.

Babies have dark eyes.

Some youngsters have a large amount of yellow as chicks.
It takes them a few molts to lose this and come into their adult coloration.

This is the same bird that is shown above (with extra yellow coloration), two months later.

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